Yip Yuen Hong: The Architect Behind Martin Modern Condo

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Yip Yuen Hong: The Architect Behind Martin Modern Condo

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Martin Modern condo is a new condo by Guocoland, which is located in the prime district close to Orchard.

Guocoland is well-known for its developments of prestigious buildings and premium living spaces and offices in Singapore. 

The condo gives three different types of views for residents to indulge in – Orchard view, city and Marina Bay view or the Singapore River view.

All three views are scenic and iconic landmarks of Singapore that residents get to enjoy in the comforts of home.

Martin Modern was also created for residents to indulge in a private space of their own by creating an exclusive botanical garden within the condo’s premises that is home to more than 200 species of plants and 50 species of trees.

Introducing the architect behind Martin Modern Condo

Yip Yuen Hong is a qualified architect who is registered with the Architects Board and has been mentored by respected architects in the same field including Tay Kheng Soon, Liu Tai Ker and William Lim.

This has allowed him to learn a lot under their guidance and refine his skills to get to where he is today.

His work is focused on the minimal details and simplicity of the project through various mediums such as the space, form, material, budget and program.

His keen eye for detail and perfection has allowed him to be highly looked up to for creating simple, timeless and soulful architecture projects. 

Yip Yuen Hong is also the appointed four-time President’s Design Award winner.

With his vision and skill, he managed to create a thoughtful and meaningful space within Martin Modern for residents to bask in both form and function. 

Mr Yip has also worked on many projects in designing Good Class Bungalows for some of Singapore’s most affluent residents in areas such as King Albert’s Park or Watten Residences.

With many years of experience and expertise under his belt, he has developed an excellent understanding of Singapore’s elite class and what they value in a good and luxurious home. 

“Through the years, people have come to understand the concept of luxury, not as something defined by its materiality and richness but as something that is authentic and innovative,” he says. 

Key design features of the Condo

In a country scarce of land such as Singapore, one way to effortlessly live in luxury is to be surrounded by your own exclusive garden and nature in the comforts of your home.

Preserving one’s botanic heritage will continue to become a timeless design that will never go out of style. 

The main highlights of Martin Modern are:

  1. Its excellent and highly-coveted location is near entertainment malls and major express ways in the heart of CBD.
  2. Its high quality designs and well thought-of landscape of lush greeneries by well-renowned developers Guacoland. 
  3. Its poetic and luxurious ambience that is a good break from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
  4. Every home is planned with quality finishes and fittings with efficient layout and sufficient storage space 
  5. Having the luxury of a rooftop garden that is only accessible by residents 
  6. Cascading water canvas along the site terrain and luxury greenery which creates a little oasis that is relaxing and a break from the hectic environment of the city 

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